Sunday, February 20, 2011

So, What Do I Miss?

Hubby asked me that the other day, and I had to stop and think for a moment.  Gosh, if I had to choose just one thing, well, that would just be unfair to all of the other wonderful (and wonderfully bad) foods out there. 

I can honestly say that I do NOT miss fast food, greasy diner food, or any junk food (like candy or soda) that I wasn't consuming before going Paleo.  However, the fine delicacy of the Liliha Bakery Cocoa Puff, or a warm, crispy grilled cheese sandwich, those I do miss.  A bowl of cereal and milk filled the need for  a quick snack as well as served as a sort of "comfort food" for me. 

As I learn what going paleo means, I start to look at the reasons behind why I do it and how I can tweak it to fit my life.  LT mentioned that he was pretty impressed that I went cold turkey and cut out a lot of things all at once when it took him a lot longer to really get into it 100%.  I guess I did it that way so that I didn't have an excuse to "cheat". There would be no sneaking of the cookies waiting patient for me upon the kitchen t.v.  There would be no mindless snacking in the teacher's lounge on a break time. (And trust me, Valentine's Day was nearly impossible!) I would not get the full effect of the eating lifestyle if I kept sneaking one in.

But now amidst my "research", I hear on the paleo guru's podcast that cheating is okay once in a while as long as we keep it gluten free.  Hmmm, so the sugars once in a while are okay, but now I have to figure out what has gluten and what doesn't.  It's almost like I need to carry around a list with me to see what I can and what I can not eat.  =)

As of right now, I do plan on having a non-paleo meal or two this weekend. Gluten free or not. And we are also having a special event at school at which a well known chef from a soul food restaurant will be cooking.  I plan to enjoy my meal. Even if it means I'll feel sick afterwards. I'll just chalk it up as a casualty of war.

Now that I'm on my Day 48, I do feel pretty good.  I have lost all of my baby fat by now. Or, most of it, actually.  My muscle to fat ratio has changed and I'm sure I have lost a lot of muscle weight and still have more fat weight than before.  I know this because, well, my tummy is still there! But the clothes are fitting better and I'm getting in to most of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  =)

Overall, I continue to be pleased with my progress and I have many people and places to thank for that. I still stare at the Cookie Corner box knowing that no one will notice one little cookie missing.  Nor will anyone know that I kept one of my goodies from Valentine's Day.  But the only person who really will know will know.  The only person I'd be cheating on is myself.  Stay straight and stay strong.  =) 

Stay tuned for a recipe!

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  1. Jenn~you are a true inspiration! Getting into exercise mode will be easy for you once you get your first day in! After that, you wouldn't wanna waste all that pain and sweat by not exercising again! Keep it up, girl!