Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DAY 30!!!

I've reached day 30 of this 30-day challenge!  And how do I feel, you ask?  Well, despite coming off of a cold and desperately trying NOT to lick my fingers when making frosting for my daughter's cupcakes, I feel pretty good.

Amazingly, this eating style is not as hard as it seems.  Of course there is the deal of going OUTSIDE the box: eating new things - kale, chard, new recipes; trying new things - cooking with coconut, using almond meal; learning new things - redefining "snack" foods, gaining nutrition knowledge.

Now I haven't really kicked in fully, as I have had to put my exercise regime into gear. I'm not one for excuses, but in these 30 days, I underwent surgery, dealt with sick kids, went back to work, was sick myself, and am still in the process of working out my schedule.  But this week, I think I can get into it, so I'm excited! 

All in all, I'm glad my husband talked me into this.  Yes, I do miss my pastries and cookies. Yes, I do work a lot harder at planning and preparing meals. Yes, I do feel better about myself and what I'm accomplishing. And just as a side note, I've reached my pre-pregnancy weight.  Now's the time to really get in gear and get those last 15 pounds!  Ha ha. It's not all about weight, but there is something about seeing that number on the scale. :)

Let's see if we can go a few days longer before I cave in for that apple napple!