Friday, January 28, 2011

Doctoring it up!

It seems that the only one who managed to stay healthy this week was our littlest one.  Her resilience and smile kept me going through this challenging week for me.  Though I'm feeling a bit better today, I could still use some rest and relaxation.  Thank goodness it's time for the weekend and hubby's 4 days off!

While no one had to go to the doctor this week, I thought I might "doctor up" one of this week's dishes.  A few nights ago hubby made a wonderful sausage and "gravy" dish. It was a bit on the heavy side and the sauce did break a bit.  I had some of the left overs for lunch today and decided to add some of the left over steamed vegetables from last night.  Not only did it add color, but I think it may have balanced out some of the heaviness.  It's visual appeal had undergone some development, resulting in a more colorful dish.  And some say, "We eat with our eyes."

So see for yourself. Here's lunch today:

Have a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY EATING!

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