Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick.... :-(

Finally got the cold that has been going around.  I think my daughter and I have the same sore/froggy throat condition, whereas my son and husband have a more sinus attack. We are trying to keep it away from the little one as long as we can and hopefully she won't get or has built up a pretty good resistance to our germs.

That being said, I'm on day 24 of my 30 day challenge.  All is going well and I'm getting more excited by the day to continue this way of eating and bringing my kids along with me on this journey.  Thanks to the internet, I have such wonderful access to others who are along the same journey or others who are mentors, or inspirations, to those of us just starting out.  There is a plethora of information and websites on the paleo lifestyle. But be sure to research carefully and check out the backgrounds.  Also, make sure that the recipes they offer do, in fact, follow the paleo diet.

Tonight's dinner, courtesy of my dear husband, was his take on sausage with gravy.  The man cooks with no recipe, so it's hard to put down just what he put into this dish! The main parts included: italian sausage (crumbled), coconut milk, onions, a splash of red wine, and I'm sure a number of seasonings.  Unfortunately the sauce did "break" so it was a tad grainy, and hubby thought it was a bit heavy. I felt okay after eating, but I could only eat one bowl and some broccoli due to the lousy state I'm in.  I did at a couple of "cuties" (mandarin oranges) which was a nice, refreshing ending to the meal.  The kids did seem to enjoy it since they are both big sausage eaters! They also enjoyed the fruit at the end.

Sorry no pictures today. If I remember, I can take some when I have it for leftovers.  So take care, all of you. Stay healthy and rest well!

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