Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove

Hubby cooked tonight. Funny thing was we really didn't know what to cook tonight. The resulting concoction consisted of ground turkey, chicken apple sausage, diced tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, coconut milk, and spinach.  Along with chili powder, taco seasoning, cayenne pepper, paprika and cumin seasonings. Turned out yummy!!! YAY!

Also today, I got back into working out. It's hard to take it slow after surgery. I'm so ready to jump back in it! Today's workout killed:

clean & jerk w/ 8lb medicine ball

The squats were the toughest. Working on form with the clean & jerks.  Took a lot of thinking. =)
I was hungry today. Think I might have needed a bigger lunch and I didn't have my usual snack. I'll try to pack more tomorrow.

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